The Inimitable Aimee Crocker

So,  my new novel “Blythe of the Gates” is out now, and it is different than anything I have ever written. It being my first historical fiction piece, it is also the first time I’ve written anything that features cameos by real, actual, historical people.

It is strange and different to form a character from my my imagination based upon the traits given by historical record to form a living, breathing creature with real immediacy. I am thinking of Aimee Crocker, who makes an appearance in Blythe. A somewhat brief appearance compared to other characters, but she makes an IMPACT, and I’ve really come to love her.


Aimee was a railroad heiress born in 1864 who went on to become a mystic, an intrepid traveler of the “Far East,” lover of boa constrictors, tattoos and pearls. In her life she became prisoner of a Chinese warlord, romanced a Hawaiian king and was gifted an island, and had a “sensual experience” with her snake. Perhaps she was best known as  an entertainer’s entertainer, who gave the most extravagant parties in Europe, San Francisco and Bohemian New York. She was famous for a Robinson Crusoe-themed party held in the Paris treetops, a circus-themed party themed party in New York where she arrived on the back of an elephant, and much, much more. She basically used her money to shock and horrify the gentry of her age, and it was fabulous!


I hope only that I did her justice making her into a book character, using these facts plus trying to feel my way into her and the way her presence would be felt to those around her. It was a challenge! Of course, she had already written her own book, an autobiography called, “And I’d Do It Again.” I think it is still in print!


Do yourself a favor and read up on the life and times of Aimee Crocker, you will not regret it!

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