Miami Adventure!

For some reason whenever I am in Florida, it gives me the oddest feelings. I guess I would say the place inspires me to feel both unsettled and in awe, and it is hard to put my finger on why. Something about it just seems so mysterious and potent, full of surreal (to me) flora and fauna.spookyflorida

Also surreal is the power and unpredictability of the weather. Add to this the snakes and alligators, and just the sense that you have gone as far as you can go, (it feels like Florida is a place where people go to run away, to disappear or be transformed…) and you get that sense that this is the wildest, and most foreboding, state in our nation. Or at least the most strangely atmospheric!

I was there to attend the Miami Book Fair….miamibookfair


And also to pick up my award for “The Brambles” from Readers’ Favorite. We had a very chic ceremony at the Miami Regency.



And I met so many great and talented writers, and had so much fun! Speaking of The Brambles, I have given her a facelift. (New cover!)


I also have a new one for “Blythe of the Gates!”


(Don’t know why that one turned out huge!)

These are being re-released through the imprint 9MM Press, so look out for them. I love doing new covers. It’s like a wardrobe change. Maybe I will start doing it seasonally!

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